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What Is Traditional Thai Massage ??





2500 years ago Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, travelled from Maghada (India) to Thailand and became the physician to Buddha,


Bringing with him India's ancient Ayurvedic traditions of medical practice, which plays an integral role in the practice of both Hinduism and



Therevada Buddhism thus giving birth to the wonderful phenomenon that today is called Traditional Thai Massage. He even treated the sangha, the order of monks that formed around Buddha, who have kept the teachings going for 2500 years






 Jivaka is spoken about in the Tipitaka, which is the oldest collection of buddhist texts in the world, and is revered to with honorable titles. He was quite an influential physician and was doctor of the King of Maghada, a mighty ruler in those days

When Burma attacked Thailand they destroyed all the old writings so Traditional Thai massage has been handed down from mother to daughter over many many years, and it now displayed at the famous Wat Po temple in Bangkok 

Traditional Thai Massage Clinic


Master Nok started Benowa Massage Clinc 10 years when she was invited to open the world famous Angsana Spa Resort here on the Gold Coast 
Master Nok had learnt the true Traditional Thai Massage when she was a young girl in the country side of Thailand by her Grandmother, she then went on to learning advanced Techniques at many of the Thai Temples with the Monks, and later with the Government run Thai Massage Society of Thailand. Nok earnt her BA degree at University, she then went on and learnt customer relations at Conrad hotel a 6 star premises in Bangkok. 

Sadly Thai Master Nok is no longer doing Massges on the Gold Coast but as she is a teacher of the ancient arts of Thai healing, she has past on her magic healing hands to new pupils after the have completed 6 months of training in practical and theory 








Nok is a follower of Master Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, and says her skills and healing power comes from his works and line


We take traditional Thai massage at the Benowa clinic very serious, 


Visitors to Bangkok will now find massage shops as plentiful as fruit ships,  Thai Massage has become important to tourists, and it is one of the main money makers, this has caused the problem that many of the girls who work in the massage shops are not qualified, and do so just to bring in the tourist dollar

Tourist spots all over Australia are sadly becoming the same and Thai Massage shops are popping up all along the tourist strip,  


Thai herbs and oils, are also available, these are absorbed by the body and leave no oily film on the skin when the massage is completed


Samui Karn Nuad

We are proud to have "Crystal" join us a qualified teachers of "Samui Karn Nuad."

This technique was put together by combining Thai Oil Massage (Thailand), Hilo Albularyo "Philipines" Tu Na (Chinese), Kahuna Massage (Hawaiian Islands).

This in the last few years has become the most popular massage in places like the holiday island of Thailand and Phuket, Crystal teaches the art of preparing herbal oils and balms for muscle healing, sadly a lost art in todays industry, so your therapy goes on way after your massage has finished

Please Note:  This style of Thai Massage is designed to relax, and take away stress from the body.

Side effects include falling a sleep and dreaming of being on the Islands 

 Crystal works and teaches both private and at our clinic


Herbal Massage

The art of using essential oils for healing by using highly concentrated extracts from Thai herbs. It is the most concentrated form of herbal energy available.

Its actions range from medicinal and cosmetic to psychological, affecting both states of mind and our emotions.

Different oils specifically affect various organs and bodily functions. Many boost the immune system and some affect our hormones as well. They can sedate or stimulate the body and mind in different ways and sometimes do both at the same time to create balance.

Benowa Thai is also to our Knowledge the largest importer from Thailand of Herbal Balls and other herbal products which you can purchase for use during the massage, and your own personal use at home, These products use steam to transfer herb direct to the spot that need healing, and once purchased can be used up to 12 times, before the herbs need to be replaced

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